Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge

You’re trying to keep up, but…

Life is asking a lot of you lately. You’re doing your very best as an entrepreneur, as a mum, as a friend, but actually you’re feeling tired. When was the last time that you’ve practised a hobby? Something for yourself that isn’t practical, but just enjoyable. It’s probably a while ago. Time for change and reloading your battery. Because that will make you a better entrepreneur, mum and friend.

Do you recognise this?
  • You would love to have more time for yourself.
  • You’re looking for a fun way to calm your mind and lower your breath.
  • You would like to activate your creative thinking.
creative challenge
Meditation became way easier

We all know that meditation has a lot of benefits. However, for me it was hard to keep a meditation routine, because I get easily bored. Until (!) I got the insight that painting -which I did a lot as a child- is a form of mediation too. Now, this is my go-to place to calm my mind, express my feelings and feed my soul!

People who joined previous workshops:

Creative Challenge

I’m challenging you to slow down with me for 5 days, only 1h daily. It’s ideal for you if you’re feeling stressed, burned out or don’t know what to do (with your life or a certain aspect). After all, decision making will go better when you allow yourself to slow down and get out of your head first.

You’ll get:

1. Calm mind

2. Creative ideas

3. Joy

How does it work?

I’ll go live 5 evenings in a row with a creative challenge. You can check in via a videocall from your personal space.

Date & time
13 – 17 november 20.00h (AMS time)

It’s completely free – you only need to sign up for my mailinglist (I’m not going to spam you – I don’t want te spend my precious time on that) & follow me on Instagram @slowwithmarlou.

Join the challenge
I’m not all dates available.

That’s totally fine. Just join the evenings you are available.

What do I need?

I’ll send you details later, but this will be some standard items like pencils, magazines or paint. And with a little creativity there are always alternatives.

I am creative / I ‘m not good at painting or drawing

I am not good at it either. We’ve learned that this is a reason to stop begin creative, but that is not right. We can use creative thinking in all kinds of life challenges. But to begin with, it’s just fun to do. And that is the only thing that’s important.

Will the challenge be in English?

If you don’t speak Dutch and you join the challenge, I will do the challenge in English. If all participants are Dutch, it will be in Dutch.